How do I use the Mahou Arms Launcher? What is it used for?

For Patreon users, the Mahou Arms Launcher is used for accessing the game, patreon rewards, and game updates. A detailed user guide and Launcher-specific FAQ is available in this Patreon post.

What is the Steam Patcher?

The Steam patcher can be used by Steam users to patch the Steam version of the game to the uncensored version. It can also unapply the patch if desired. The Steam patcher will detect and download the necessary patch, but there are also bundled versions if you know your Mahou Arms version and would prefer to download everything at once.

Should I back the game on Patreon on buy on Steam?

At the end of development, Patreon backers and Steam users will have access to the same game. Patreon users who have a lifetime pledge equal or greater to the sale price of the game will receive a Steam key. Whether you should buy on Steam or pledge on Patreon depends on whether you want to pay a higher up-front cost, and how attractive you find the Patreon rewards.

Can I stream/share gameplay from Mahou Arms?

Yes. We'd prefer it if you added something to the gameplay yourself, like commentary, but you can stream and share recordings of your gameplay anywhere. Monetization is also fine. We just ask that you link to mahouarms.com when possible. Please also be cautious when streaming the uncensored version of the game, some platforms may not allow the explicit content and you might get banned, or get the game banned for other players to stream on the platform.